Start up procedure

  1. Check the stabiliser bars are securely fastened to the simulator FWD and AFT (i.e. check the wing nuts are tight)
  2. Check the Toestrap is firmly anchored at the AFT end
  3. Close the red slide valve on the airline
  4. Check the emergency stop buttons are in the Armed (UP) position
  5. Switch on the air compressor
  6. Supply mains power to the simulator
  7. Check that red lights are visible in both the FWD pillar and the AFT pillar. Move the Tiller back and forth and check that the red lights in the FWD pillar flicker
  8. When the compressor is up to pressure open the red slide valve to allow air in to the ram and check the pressure reading on the regulator in the AFT pillar.
  9. Boot the computer and run the Virtual Sailing Simulator Program (NOT the Demo version)
  10. When prompted, make sure the boat is level, the Tiller is centred and the Mainsheet is pulled fully in and click OK to continue.
  11. Select the boat type, sailing conditions and course configuration required
  12. Make sure the RAM ENABLED option is selected

Time Out Error

A time-out error occurs when there is a communication problem between the computer and the simulator electronics. The computer is sending requests to the PLC unit on the electronics panel, but not getting any response.

There are 3 main situations in which this can happen;

  1. when the 9-pin serial data cable that connects the computer to the electronics panel has become loose or has been unplugged
    • check the cable is secure at both the computer and electronics panel ends
  1. the PLC unit in the electronics panel does not have any power
    • check that mains power is connected and is switched on at the wall socket (small red and green lights will show on the PLC unit when it is powered up)
    • check the AC adapter is working (the red lights in the rear pneumatics panel will only appear if the AC adapter is working, the red stop buttons are up and the rear data cables are connected)
    • the small fuse in the PLC unit may have blown
  1. the computer is trying to use the wrong COM port settings to communicate with the PLC unit
    • close the simulator program and run the CvTester program.
    • click on the “Check COMS” button
    • a list of your computer’s available COM ports will be displayed
    • click on one of the COM ports, then click on “Return using selected” and confirm “OK”
    • now click on the “Read Channels” button. If you get a Time-Out error, the wrong COM port has been selected, go back and repeat the above selecting the next available COM port in the list. If the correct COM port has been selected, some numbers will appear in the Boom, Rudder and Heel boxes.